Friday, May 9, 2008

Some history

I'm a bit young for good memories, unless they are about my own grandparents and my mom's family. So I can only really add some history.

This may be why the Jansen's left Denmark:

Without a navy and crippled by huge debts and a loss of much of its prestige, Denmark sank into poverty. In 1813, the national treasury went bankrupt. Several years later, especially between 1818 and 1824, the price of grain virtually collapsed, which culminated in many farm failures and a massive exodus from Denmark to the New World. The country's precarious financial and military position also put a virtual end to any hope of liberal reforms.

And a marriage record:

Midwest Historical and Genealogical Society has a number of Sedgwick County, KS marriage affidavits in their library...
Jansen, Albert J. Mies, Mary A. November 20, 1906 K440
Jansen, Anna Holmes, R.B. October 26, 1910 N417
Jansen, Anna Dora Behner, G.B. McClellen January 1, 1888 D189
Jansen, B.A. Beaver, H.E. June 12, 1912 P275
Jansen, Charles Prock, Zoela May 1, 1918 V126
Jansen, Edward O. Tomford, Lulu January 29, 1906 K189
Jansen, Elizabeth L. Evertz, Adam November 26, 1891 E426
Jansen, Elizabeth L. Ewertz, Adam November 26, 1891 E426
Jansen, Etta K. Mahlandt, A.W. August 8, 1900 H375
Jansen, Frances Jaax, Edward April 18, 1893 F114
Jansen, Harman H. Allen, Bertha R. October 25, 1910 N410
Jansen, Helen Neville, Edward L. January 15, 1903 I465
Jansen, Ida M. Bock, Valentine April 15, 1890 E116
Jansen, J. Pollock, Opal December 2, 1907 L222
Jansen, Manda(Amanda) Baldwin, A.E. April 25, 1895 F531
Jansen, Mary C. Kessler, Loren L.
Jansen, Minnie Marnane, Joseph April 30, 1912 P211
Jansen, R.L. Harpstrite, Florence M. March 2, 1910 N034
Jansen, Susanna(soma) Springob, Peter June 5, 1900 H331
Janson, Maud Cordella Myers, Clarence Arthur May 20, 1908 L407
Janssen, Anna Seiler, Peter January 16, 1883 B338
Daily, Charles E. Prock, May E. January 20, 1900 H259
Midwest Historical and Genealogical Society Wichita, Kansas

This isn't all that I have, but some of the more interesting tidbits on G'pa's family that hasn't already been said. I have a lot on G'ma's family too.

We'll just end with a picture of some happy people. :-) They are just too cute!!

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Sondi said...

Hi Lisa,
I don't know the reason why Carl E. and Sophia Jansen left Denmark, but they came over to America in 1895.(The name was Jensen in the old country and got changed when they came to America) There was a family of Jansen's living in Atchison Co. KS who were probably their sponsors. Their names were George and Hensena Jansen. Hensena was Sophia's sister who had married a Jansen also. Carl and Sophia had 2 children born in Denmark and 2 that were born in KS. Charles Jansen (your gr grandfather)was born in Nortonville, KS in 1898. There was another baby boy that was either born on the way over or soon after they arrived, but that baby died.

The list of names you found in the Sedgewick Co pages are mostly of Jansen's not related. There is one "Minnie" Jansen that may have been a daughter to George and Sena. Of course you know who Charles and Zoela are. May Prock at the end of the list was Grandma Prock/Jansen's older sister, Ula Mae. She married a Daily.

There were a lot of Jansen's in that area because a lot of Scandanavian people settled in the area. Most of them are not related, that I know of. But who knows? Maybe we will find out!

Keep up the good work. Every once in a while you find a tidbit of information that will add a piece to the puzzle. Your mom sent me something the other day that led me to find a person who had a death certificate to Grandma Jansen's sister Dorothy. Now I have sent to Kenton Co, KY to see if I can get an obituary. I know she had one daughter and may have had more children. Hopefully I can find out something about them. She died in 1948.

I have some history in Family Tree Maker and can share if you want it.