Monday, February 13, 2012

Oregon Prock family --bits and pieces of history

From cousin Sondra:

"I have been doing some research on the Prock family and found that grandma Jansen's grandfather's (Robert Eaton Prock) cousin came to Oregon in 1852 in a wagon train from Lafayette County Missouri. He settled in the Salem area until 1866 when he moved to Olalla, Oregon, right outside of Roseburg!! The farm where he lived and the next 2 generations lived until 1953 was about 10 miles from where we lived in Lookingglass. Some of that family are buried in the Tenmile Cemetery, just over the hill from where we lived on Larson Road.  

Other parts of that family settled near the area where we lived in Crow!! Near Junction City. They are buried near there and us kids picked beans in a bean field near where they had a farm along the Willamette River.

There was a coach at Glendale high school named Steve Prock. I finally was able to get in touch with him and he is a direct descendent of this Prock family. He was happy to get the information about his family. He is coaching over in Lakeview Oregon now. He grew up in Klamath Falls and his parents lived there when I was going to school at Oregon Tech. It is a small world!! 

 Wish I had known about this way back in the olden days! One of the descendents lived here on the Rogue River Hiway where Mom and Dad's house was that washed down the river in the '64 flood. She died here in Grant's Pass in 2008."