Tuesday, May 27, 2008

How I Met My Wife - Karl Jansen

I remember very clearly how I met Florence.
A couple of my friends and I had pulled into the Weeks' driveway. One of my friends was kinda going with Betty, Florence's older sister. Betty came out of the house and was visiting with us, three 'men' about town, when Florence and her mother drove up and as we had the driveway blocked, they parked in front of their place. There was no walkway to the house from there. A little irrigation ditch and grass lawn. They parked across the ditch and walked to the house. We felt a little guilty about blocking the driveway. so we were watching them. They never looked our way, no critical glances even. I watched Florence step across that ditch so graceful and poised and I told the guys that there was the girl I was going to marry. She was 13/14 at that time. I think Betty told her what I had said so she was forewarned. It took 3 1/2 years to win a consent from her and her parents. The two guys with me are both dead, but I have their proxies and we all vote 'yes' this is a true story.

Now Flo has to add a note to this. Jim 'Dub' Banta was one of the guys with him. We remained great friends until Dub died. Every time we saw them he always told me that 'you haven't changed one bit since the day Zeke said 'there's the girl I am going to marry'. Our son Jim is named for that sweet man! The Star guys all had nicknames given to them by another one of their buddies. Karl was given Ezekial Heinovich and that was a name they had seen on a mail box. He was always Zeke to that crew.

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