Thursday, November 25, 2010

An Unfortunate Incident in the 5th Wheel

You have heard this all before, but I thought I would put it on paper so that I could read it in my old age, so I could see that I had some fun times over the years.

This took place at our home in Bouse. we were set to head North early in the morning, its springtime, we have secured everything here and ready to go. About 5:00 oclock in the evening a couple of our friends dropped in to say goodbye. We had only two chairs from the motorhome so I said just a minute I'll get two more chairs from the fifthwheel. We store a few things there when we go North.
I unlocked the fifthwheel and went in. The door has a spring on it that pulls it closed behind you. We have covered the windows with padded insulation and lowered the blinds over them, so it is very dark inside. Well, no problem, I have been in there lots of times. I stepped up two steps to the bathroom then up two more steps to the bedroom where I had put two stacks of four chairs.
Being dark I had to feel around then try to separate two chairs (plastic). I was lifting and jerking and they came apart suddenly and caught me a little off balance and I started falling backwards. I forgot the steps and as I backed up and down, I was gaining speed with the top part of my bod in relation to the lower part. I had the chairs against my chest and as I hit the bathroom I was a little to one side and the comode caught me the bend of my knees. I went over backwards trying to throw the chairs away from me. I stopped moving.
I am over the comode and my shoulders in and on a five gallon bucket of water in the sunken bath tub.. We put two of these buckets of water in the tub to keep moisture in the motorhome. I tried to move, my feet are tangled in the chairs and when I try to move them the chairs wedge against the comode and refuse to move. As the bathtub is level with the floor the water bucket is probably a good thing so that I didn't get bent any farther. The water wasn't very cold either.
I worked my lower bod off the comode and fell on the floor between the comode and the sink cabinet.. I am now on my side taking advantage of the other bucket of water. Nothing to get a hold on for leverage. I knew I had to get out of the tub to get up. I got my feet out of thechairs and trying not to feel too much animosity I back kicked them down to the main room. I am between the comode and the cabinet, not enough room to turn over on my stomach so I had to schooch backwards to the wider part of the bathroom. My pants bunched up trying to make this a real challenge but I made it. I rolled over and got up. I hadn't realized I had not opened my eyes all this time, but when I did, there was very little difference. I reached up and turned on the light. Wow, beautiful light.
I think this was the first time I had really looked at this bathroom, the distances between all the componets, the depth of the tub, the height of the comode, all that tricky stuff. i would need more water too. I tried to imagine what I must have look like over that comode and absorbing water. That should have bent something out of shape. I wiggled my toes and the other things up to my shoulders. Not even a tender spot.
Suddenly it dawned on me, we had company and they were waiting for the two chairs. I stepped down the two steps and picked up the two innocent looking chairs, I left the light on and walked out the door to solid ground, took a second to put myself together and nonchalantly walked accros the drive way to the motorhome patio, separated the chairs and sat down. The lady ask "how did you get wet getting two chairs from the fifthwheel"? I thought of some snappy answers to that but always in control I just told her what had happened. She was all sympathy, my caring wife laughed.