Wednesday, January 26, 2011

Cream Colored Cords

hi karla and fran
Cream colored cords were the big thing for the man about town when I was a senior in Star, Idaho. Star being an up-to-style town, naturally I had to have cream colored cords. They were about fifty cents higher than the regular cords. Fifty cents was a lot of money when I was a senior so it was something to think about. Just what was most important, being a man about town laboring for an extra fifty cents worth, or not being in the groove but having time to be a man about town yet really not being one? I chose the cream colored cords.
Now, just having cream colored cords doesn't cut it. You had to alter them a little. The crease had to be sewn in front and back so you always had a crease coming or going. Then you had to get the hot girls to sign their names all over them. That was no problem because a girl who didn't have her name on a lot of men's cream colored cords wasn't considered a hot girl. To be popular in school was important to girls and this was almost a necessity. Getting an out of town girl to sign your cords was like a special badge, especially with different colored ink.
The upkeep on the cream colored cords was a little different from most pants. Never wash them, be careful not to spill any water on them. If you snagged or tore them in any way, no sewing was allowed. We repaired any cut with white tape. I remember one time my mother got a hold of my cream colored cords and washed them. Completely disgraced them. I could not wear them in public. I was sentenced to hard labor for three dollars and twenty cents, but I got lots of sympathy and enjoyed getting the new ones in shape. After that, I was careful not to leave my cream colored cords where Mother could find them when I took them off.
Mothers don't always understand these school fads. I wonder if any of the mothers having tea together and discussing the kids would proudly say, have you seen my son's cream colored cords and the decorations on them? Probably not.


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