Monday, June 30, 2008

Jansen Memories - Susan Fink

My first memory of G’ma and G’pa Jansen was when we had first moved to Washington and my G’pa Weeks was sick. Mom and daddy left us three kids with g’ma and g’pa Jansen while they went to Nampa, Idaho. When they came back (in the night?), they picked up Chuck and left Karen and I. I felt SO bad they hadn’t taken us. G’ma said they would get us soon…she was probably counting the minutes.

Once when we were staying there…I’m not sure if it was at that time or not…Charlene, Karen and I woke up early…we were sleeping with her - lucky girl. She promised me her Coke a Cola that was in the fridge if I would go ask g’pa if we could get up…I didn’t even like pop, but I idolized aunt Charlene and headed down the stairs. I only got half way down the first time, but she gave me a pep talk and off I went again.

I got clear up to the bed this time…I can still see them sleeping peacefully there…I tried to talk myself into reaching out and touching him, but just couldn’t get up the nerve to wake them up…thank gosh! Charlene was pretty upset with me, but must have gotten over it ‘cause she’s always seemed to like me since.

One day, uncle Pete was teasing me so I told g’ma on him, then he said I was a tattletale and was growing a tail like a monkey. I trotted in to tell g’ma that and she said, “do you see a tail? Now go outside and quit tattling.“ I was shocked that she seemed to side with Pete when he was so ‘mean’.

I can remember that house (the old one) so plainly still. It seemed so big, but whenever I drive by it, I’m so amazed that all those people could fit into it…and it’s been added onto since and is STILL small.

I can remember great grandpa sitting in his chair by the stove. His hair was so white and he always had his cane there.

It was so fun to go there at Christmas. We’d all stand out on the porch and wait for Santa to come on the firetruck. It was so wonderful that he (uncle Kenny) would call out all us kids’ names and wish us a “MERRY CHRISTMAS!!” I still love that memory! It was awesome to a little girl. How lucky we were to have such a GREAT uncle! Thank you, uncle Kenny!

After I got my horse, g’pa made a hackamore and chest strap for my horse out of yellow, nylon rope…boy, did I look classy riding around after that.

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